ReMaCon Products

ReMaCon Products was established in August 2004 by Silvio Ferraris.

A qualified civil engineering technician (T4 Civil) with an IMM, Ferraris has been involved in the construction industry since 1987, first with Grinaker Precast and then Echo Floors as sales and marketing manager and as general manager of Smartstone Midrand. At Grinaker Precast he was responsible for the intellectual property of the company’s products, including retaining blocks and stadium seating.

Ferraris has a long association with the Concrete Manufacturers Association (CMA) where he has held the positions of vice president for both the paving and the CRB divisions. ReMaCon Products is also licensed to market two TERRAFORCE CRB ranges, the L11 in smooth face and the L18 in split face finish, as well as the erosion control systems, Terrafix 120 blocks, and the Terracrete grass block.

Experience at Grinaker Precast since taking over the “Concrete Systems International” retaining block wall system in 1989 and the “Terraforce” license with Grinaker’s acquisition of Brickor in 1994, coupled with the growing demand, led to the establishment of the business. Terraforce signed the licensing agreement with Silvio Ferraris in 2004. Initially set up only to market retaining wall blocks using outsourced manufacturers, circumstances forced the move to invest in the construction of a factory and the purchase of manufacturing equipment in 2005. ReMaCon Products commissioned it’s low tech, labour intensive factory on 22nd September 2005.

The product line consists of the Terraforce range of retaining wall blocks and erosion control systems, as well as our design registered ReMblok 30 with extension piece. This product is a completely new concept in South Africa, designed to economise and to technically improve on designs for high and/or surcharge loaded structures, particularly in “cut” face situations. Currently available systems require a “double” block skin to achieve the same design factors of safety, with little locking mechanism to tie the double skin together.

The extension pieces are added for mass and depth stability, utilizing the compacted soil infill as part of the retaining wall mass, in addition the extension piece positively locks into the primary facing block, the REMblok 30, ensuring the full design depth is compositely bound.
There is a trend in the industry demanding better quality as well as a more professional approach to retaining wall block structures. To this end, ReMaCon Products offers engineer design services, thereby guaranteeing the integrity of the structure. The installation of CRB structures is undertaken by specialist CRB contractors.


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