Bastion – Big Block
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ReMBlok 30 Vertical from ReMaCon Products
ReMBlok 30 Vertical from ReMaCon Products
The new “BASTION” is a big block (280 kg) with chamber voids which are filled with soil on site to increase the block wall face mass, have a coverage of 1.82 blocks per m2 of wall, 2170 kg / m2 facing mass and can be constructed from near vertical 87° wall angles, to flatter 74°, 69° and 58° wall angles. The Bastion can also be used vertically as a free standing wall

The Bastion is intended for high retaining wall requirements with geogrid reinforced backfill, or simply as a vertical architectural feature.

Bastion can be used on curves and at the flatter angles, plants can be grown inside the soil filled voids. The top can be left open or covered with concrete panels.

The Bastion is made to order only, and at 280 kg each can only be installed using construction equipment such as TLB’s, Bobcats and cranes.

Download BASTION Details PDF