ReMBlok 30 Vertical

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ReMBlok 30 Vertical from ReMaCon Products

The ReMblok 30 Vertical block presents an innovative solution that empowers the construction of walls at even steeper inclines, ranging from angles exceeding 75° up to an impressive maximum of 87 degrees. This engineering marvel opens the door to structural possibilities that were previously deemed unfeasible. While the temptation might arise to construct walls at the absolute perpendicular 90° angle, caution is advised. These retaining walls, designed with remarkable flexibility and resilience, do offer a forgiving nature, yet a vital consideration comes into play.

In cases of minor soil settlement occurring behind these robust block walls, there exists the potential for movement within the structure. Here lies the rationale for not adhering to the 90° wall angle. To address this, an astute strategy emerges – allowing for controlled movement within a range of 87° to 89°. This nuanced approach safeguards against the unnerving appearance of instability that could manifest between 91° and 93° angles. By embracing this insight, structural integrity harmonizes with aesthetic sensibilities.

It’s imperative to acknowledge that any vertical wall surpassing the height threshold of 1200mm steps beyond the realm of standard design adequacy. For such ambitious undertakings, bespoke engineering solutions become a necessity, tailored meticulously for each unique wall. To cater to this demand, Remacon Products proudly extends an in-house service dedicated to the structural design of retaining block walls. In exchange for a nominal percentage fee, our team spearheads the preliminary designs, meticulously drafts section details, and conducts comprehensive wall inspections at multiple junctures.

Our commitment extends beyond design, encapsulating quality assurance of the soil fill through vigilant compaction checks. Upon reaching the pinnacle of completion, a prestigious milestone is achieved. A design certificate, upheld by the local authorities or meticulously adhering to SANS 104000 forms 1-4 requisites, is furnished, solidifying the project’s compliance with regulatory standards.

Maintaining consistency with the familiar dimensions of the standard ReMblok 30, a crucial innovation comes to the fore. The front nib of these blocks has been ingeniously crafted flush, affording the flexibility to advance the blocks forward, thus catering adeptly to the demands of steeper wall angles. This harmonious blend of design, innovation, and meticulous engineering epitomizes the ReMblok 30 Vertical block, setting the stage for architectural feats that defy convention.