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ReMBlok 30 from ReMaCon Products

An innovative new design, ReMblok 30, not only provides much safer and more durable crb walling – for open “checker board” configurations – but is also extremely cost-competitive, with a minimum product cost saving of between 35% for a double skin (700mm deep) wall, and 52% for a full triple skin (1050mm deep) wall in Gauteng.


  • Geofabric reinforced walls are constructed using ReM 30 as the facing, which is plantable
  • Maximum wall angle 75°
  • Spacing between blocks no less than 340mm.
  • Available in rock face or smooth face

ReMBlok 30: Revolutionising concrete retaining walls for safety and affordability.


Retaining walls play a crucial role in various construction projects, providing stability and preventing soil erosion. With the advancement of technology, innovative designs have emerged to enhance the safety and cost-effectiveness of these structures. One such groundbreaking solution is the ReMblok 30 Concrete Retaining Wall Block from ReMaCon Products. In this blog post, we will explore the features and benefits of ReMblok 30, highlighting its superior safety measures, cost competitiveness, and versatile design options.

Enhanced Safety Features:

Safety is a paramount consideration in construction, especially when it comes to retaining walls. ReMblok 30 offers significant improvements in terms of safety compared to traditional concrete retaining wall blocks. With its innovative design, ReMblok 30 ensures a much safer and more durable walling solution, particularly for open “chequerboard” configurations. The blocks are engineered to provide excellent stability and resistance against external forces, minimising the risk of wall failure.

Cost-Competitive Solution:

In addition to its safety advantages, ReMblok 30 also offers compelling cost savings, making it an economically attractive option for construction projects. Remacon Products conducted extensive research and found that ReMblok 30 provides a minimum product cost saving of 35% for a double skin (700mm deep) wall and an impressive 52% for a full triple skin (1050mm deep) wall in Gauteng. These cost savings make ReMblok 30 an excellent choice for developers and contractors looking to optimise their project budgets without compromising on quality.

Plantable Geofabric Reinforced Walls:

ReMblok 30 is not just about safety and cost-effectiveness; it also incorporates environmentally friendly features. The blocks can be used as the facing for geofabric reinforced walls, allowing for the integration of plants and greenery. This innovative approach blends the functionality of retaining walls with the aesthetic appeal of a green space, creating visually appealing and eco-friendly structures. The plantable geofabric reinforced walls provide additional benefits, such as erosion control and improved air quality.

Versatile Design Options:

ReMblok 30 offers design flexibility to suit a wide range of project requirements. The blocks are available in two distinct finishes: rock face and smooth face. The rock face finish provides a natural and rugged appearance, perfectly complementing outdoor and landscape projects. On the other hand, the smooth face finish offers a modern and sleek look, ideal for contemporary architectural designs. With ReMblok 30, designers and builders have the freedom to create aesthetically pleasing retaining walls that seamlessly blend with their surroundings.

Maximum Wall Angle and Spacing:

To ensure structural integrity and adherence to industry standards, ReMblok 30 has a maximum wall angle of 75 degrees. This feature allows for versatility in designing walls with various inclinations, providing flexibility for different site conditions. Moreover, the spacing between the blocks should not be less than 340mm, ensuring proper installation and sufficient reinforcement for optimal performance.


The ReMblok 30 Concrete Retaining Wall Block from Remacon Products represents a significant advancement in the construction industry. Its innovative design prioritises safety, offering enhanced durability and stability for open “chequerboard” configurations. Additionally, the cost-competitiveness of ReMblok 30 makes it an appealing choice for projects aiming to optimise their budgets. With the option for plantable geofabric reinforced walls, versatile design finishes, and adherence to maximum wall angles and spacing requirements, ReMblok 30 stands as an excellent solution for both practical and aesthetic retaining wall needs.

Breakthrough in concrete retaining block (CRB) wall design.

An innovative new design, ReMblok 30, not only provides much safer and more durable CRB walling – for open “checker board” configurations – but is also extremely cost-competitive, with a minimum product cost saving of between 35% for a double skin (700mm deep) wall, and 52% for a full triple skin (1050mm deep) wall in Gauteng.

ReMblok 30 was launched in September 2005 by ReMaCon Products, a company which was founded to manufacture and market the new CRB system.

Unlike current “GRAVITY” crb walls which are stabilised through the use of “double” skin and/or “triple” skin combinations for mass and depth, ReMblok 30 is based on a reinforced concrete interlocking mechanism which enhances stability considerably. Incorporating a simple reinforced concrete tie-back with a head that locks positively into a primary facing block, the system obviates the sole reliance on friction and its attendant risk of slippage and/or fabric shear.

ReMblok 30 is the brainchild of Silvio Ferraris, the founder and head of ReMaCon Products. The product enjoys design registration protection (Official design No: F2004/1015)

The proportion of block mass to anchorage depth (with or without geo-fabrics) in ReMblok 30 offers design engineers greater design versatility for both mass gravity or fabric reinforced walls.

“The extension element allows vibrating rollers to achieve higher compacting than in traditional CRB systems and reduces the risk of blocks sliding forward during compacting. This is due to the fact that the soil which is filled into the cavities created by the extension pieces can be compacted, thereby creating friction columns.

“Although labour intensive and job-creation friendly, the cost of the ReMblok 30 system is low, due to lower production and maintenance costs, the latter arising from enhanced durability.

ReMblok 30 is available in a standard 75° option, but a vertical option using a dowel shear key system will be introduced in the future. Also earmarked is a block with a split rock face texture.”

A qualified civil engineering technician (T4 Civil) with an IMM, Ferraris has been involved in the construction industry since 1987, first with Grinaker Precast (now INFRASET) and then Echo Floors as sales and marketing manager and as general manager of Smartstone Midrand. At Grinaker Precast he was responsible for the intellectual property of the company’s products, including retaining blocks and stadium seating.

Ferraris has a long association with the Concrete Manufacturers Association (CMA) where he has held the positions of vice president for both the paving and the crb divisions. ReMaCon is also licensed to market two TERRAFORCE CRB ranges, the L11 in smooth face and the L18 in split face finish, as well as the erosion control systems, Terrafix 120 blocks, and the Terracrete grass block.