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ReMBlok 30 Vertical from ReMaCon Products
ReMBlok 30 Vertical from ReMaCon Products

ReMaCon Concrete Precast Trapezoidal Channel

The “Type 1 A” trapezoidal channel complemented by the “Type 1 A Template”, is a general purpose channel for low water volume flow control. The “Template” can be used for directional changes or bends, fresh concrete can be evenly floated in the gaps between the main channel and the template channel to ensure an even transition.

It’s capacity is 33 litres per meter, the actual channel dimension is 750mm x 180mm high, the mass is 60 kg per unit.

The channels are placed onto compacted fill, preferably stabilized with 5% cement by volume, with a little levelling sand underneath. The length of the drain must be sloped to ensure water flows. Joints should be grouted.


Concrete Precast Trapezoidal Channel
Mass per unit 6 – 9
Length 16 kg
Width 0.04
Height 200
Colour 40 – 50
Texture Smooth Concrete